domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

Life Carnival

Roll up for the biggest carnival!
Join the million people already there
The masquerade is essential
A ride in a rollercoaster you'll never forget .

Start with the room of mirrors
See yourself transforming to the core
Unrecognizable you'll be for everybody
Everybody even your own.

Line up to ride the rollercoaster
The highest peak and the deepest hell
Stand up behind a thousand people
You'll feel as if the wait never ends.

A hard ride to the top and you'll feel in the sky
But nothing as hard as going down to the dephts
You'll think the wait wasn't worth it
and yet you'll do it all over again.

On the hundredth ride there's a spark of hope
Terrified, you'll throw away the mask,
Thinking the sky looks better with an open heart
And though even worst will be the fall.

A never ending cycle
Just like your infinite hope
Blind and stubborn you'll want to go on
Even when only monsters on the rollercoaster crawl

On every ride you'll hope
every minute
every day
You'll promise yourself not to do it
And yet you'll wait

The longer it takes
The more it'll hurt
But no matter what
You're still alive.

You hurt so much I wish I could rip off my heart
with every feeling laying in it,
but I know then, there would be no love,
No life.

You hurt so much that every tear starts to taste like blood
And blood starts to feel like ice burning
running through my veins.

It would seem that my guts have turned into a rock
And my heart has become nothing but crumpled paper.

You hurt so much but I won't give up
As long as the crumpled paper beats
I'll stay
Because after walking such a winding road
I've learnt to fight
Because I'm not a quitter
Because I still believe
Because it's you
Because I love... you

jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013


En silencio grito
En silencio lloro
En silencio me pierdo
En un profundo silencio me ahogo.

De todo lo que el viento me arrebata
esto, hubiera dado mi vida por no soltarlo.
a todo aquello a lo que la consciencia obliga,
y a toda maldita lógica
yo me hubiera negado.

Un clamor de auxilio
un socorro en el silencio
una batalla infinita
entre mente y sentimiento
aquí adentro.

Con garras y furia me aferro fuerte
a los restos que de esta historia quedaron.
Manchas, cenizas, ruinas, retazos,
letras y colores de un último encuentro.

Yo tan solo espero,
por siempre espero
aunque no lo sepas ni lo veas

Cada sonido
cada movimiento
cada gota, palabra, paso, latido
un susurro de todo lo que queda
lo que tenemos y lo que no.

Esperanzas quedan
esperanzas van
pero tú,
tú siempre estás.

Pero mientras te armas y te desarmas yo pienso en ti,
juego con mi corazón en vez de con el tuyo
y me despido de mi mientras me despido de ti
y me pierdo mientras te pierdo a ti.

jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

Este no es mio, pero es tuyo.

Te digo adiós, y acaso te quiero todavía
Quizá no he de olvidarte, pero te digo adiós.
No sé si me quisiste... no sé si te quería...
O tal vez nos quisimos demasiado los dos.

Este cariño triste, apasionado y loco 
me lo sembré en el alma para quererte a ti.
No sé si te amé mucho... no sé si te amé poco;
pero sí sé que nunca volveré a amar así.

Me queda tu sonrisa dormida en mi recuerdo,
y el corazón me dice que no te olvidaré;
pero al quedarme solo, sabiendo que te pierdo
tal vez empiezo a amarte como jamás te amé.

Te digo adiós y acaso con esta despedida,
mi más hermoso sueño muere dentro de mi...
Pero te digo adiós, para toda la vida,
aunque toda la vida siga pensando en ti.

José Angel Buesa


It’s like touching the sky with the tips of your fingers
It’s like grabbing a piece of cloud just to let it go
It’s like the sweetest star powder flying away from your hand.
It’s like the very end of the very beginning of a story already known.

Couldn’t cross the hawthorn that guarded my price
And so the departure I must sit down to see
Away from the castle I once though I had
Away from any treasure I could have dreamt with

For this castle the founds I never Knew
Although the ceiling was clear as sun
Walls were made of the softest cotton
Though it felt like the hardest rock.

Ethereal substances are not supposed to be grabbed
Of freedom I could never keep a hold
As Clouds are meant to float in the blue
Sad ends are meant to colour a grey sight.

Today I know 
from this path there’s no turning back
Today I’m just letting go 
every hope and every joy.

I’m closing my eyes 
to feel a dew I already know
And since this trip has started
I know I cannot return.